Connecting Technologies
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  • Customized sizes: 40x40mm, 30x30mm, 50x23mm, 40mm round and many more. 
  • Customized printing: dummy barcode, company logo, different colours
  • Customized colours: standard background etching colour is green, other colours on request

Please contact us for further information.

RF Hard Tags

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We offer a wide variety of RF hard tags for different applications, mainly for textiles, shoes and bottles.

They come in different forms and sizes to fit the given requirements. Please contact us for further information.

RF Systems

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In September 2016 RAKO was launching two new lines of RF EAS antennas based on latest market trends.

The MERKUR LINE INTRODUCTION consists of three versions of pedestals that are all based on the
same aluminum frame platform and will be available in two sizes.  

As a secondary range to our profile frames RAKO has created a range of fully acrylic antennas that allow to reach for the high end, luxury brand clients. 

Find out more about our LUCATRON RF sytems.