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New Design Range

We are proud to announce that as of September 2016 RAKO is launching two new lines of RF EAS antennas based on latest market trends. The MERKUR line consists of three versions of pedestals that are all based on the same aluminum frame platform and will be available in two sizes. Our MERKUR antennas use an RGB alarm light with a variable light cover that can be turned into a People Counter holder. Using a special module that operates our RF and People Counter boards you can choose various light and sound options for alarm indication. Additionally you may choose to use the People Counter sensors for suppression of incoming alarms or to set different alarm features for incoming and outgoing alarms.


Open Frame Version

This antenna version is based on the aluminum frame and is not supplied with any inserts. Cross bars are made of aluminum to ensure stability and sturdiness.


Plexi Fill Frame Version

This antenna version uses acrylic sheets inside the frame to create a barrier preventing touching of the crossbars. Due to it’s transparency it is visually non disturbing and creates an attractive design feature.


Advertising Frame Version

The advertising antenna is supplied with additional polyethylene sheets that are placed over the printed advertising. They are easily inserted to the sides of the profiles without the need to open or unscrew any antenna parts.


New Design Range – As a secondary range to our profile frames RAKO has created a range of fully acrylic antennas that allow to reach for the high end, luxury brand clients. The two designs differentiate in width of the antenna torso and the type of light they use. Base dimensions and screw positions are the same on both antennas.


Acrylic boutique style frame

The Neptun_400 is our most luxurious type of EAS frame that was designed specifically to complement the latest high end boutique interior design. The antenna is supplied with integrated decoration light which can be used in various colour schemes. By using our additional alarm module you can choose from a variety of decoration and alarm colours as well as different sound options. The sturdy metal base ensures good stability of the frame after an installation.


Acrylic check-out style frame

Our Mars_300 antenna uses a slimmer acrylic frame in order to fit in narrower spaces such as a typical check-out aisle. The alarm light is conveniently placed on top of the frame to be visible in spaces where view from the entrance might be blocked. The base is of exact dimensions of the Neptun_400 antenna and provides perfect support to the acrylic torso. The decoration light may be ordered as an add-on feature if requested.

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