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RF Hard Tags

We offer a wide variety of RF hard tags for different applications,

mainly for textiles, shoes and bottles.

They come in different forms and sizes to fit the given requirements.


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Concept Tag

Optional with RF or AM, and additional RFID function

The Concept Tag has a uniquely symmetrical design with convex outer edges as well as integrated PinHead and TagHousing, which makes it impossible for unauthorized removal. It fits perfectly on the garment and offers maximum security. It is the world’s most advanced and secure hard tag. 

The Concept Tag is based on the idea of being replaceable, reusable, recyclable and disposable. It is lightweight and optimized on all levels for an advanced production. 

Garments will be secured by the Concept Tag from production, through transport, transit, stock handling and in the stores until detached. Build-in RFID chip can be added. 

Take a look at the unique detacher for the concept tag.


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